CiViLX – I Lust I Need I Want I Bleed (Full LP)

“I Lust I Need I Want I Bleed” is the 7th album released by Seattle’s own #1 EDM producer CiViLX. The album also contains the critically acclaimed song “Messages”. Face-melting electronic rock chopped and sauteed with heart-wrenching ballads, and elegantly garnished with thoughtful lyrics. 0 carbs. And the dishes just keep being served! 14 Mind-bending tracks to enjoy over and over again. From the clubs to the festivals around the world these songs will have you jumping up and down with excitement. Dance the night away then wake up and do it all over again to the sweet sounds you love to get into. It’s hard, it’s soft, it’s emotional, and it’s moving. EDM is hot right now and this LP has everything you could ever want and more to fulfill those desires. With tracks like Messages, and Winged things boasting major vocals, to more instrumental pieces like Drones and Railguns filling out the harder edges of the genre. A northwest favorite CiViLX continues to innovate and produces the finest EDM like I Lust I Need I Want I Bleed.
I Lust I Need I Want I Bleed.pspimage 3