CiViLX – Messages Video shoot time! Mark your calendars!!!!

  1. Video shoot time! Mark your calendars!!!!
  2. Video shoot for my new track featuring Ilen Halogram MESSAGES
    Shooting a firey night time video featuring Kim Lewis. shot in full virtual reality 360 video this is gonna be amazing! Need more fire dancers and costumed performers.
  3. Here’s a private link to the track and downloads are enabled… practice practice practice!…
  4. The concept so far is to make use of the new VR tech and make a full 360 music video. The main focus will be on Kim Lewis and a few other fire performers around the camera. The entire scene will be backlit with tiki torches and then we will green screen Ilen Halogram singing in the mix. Her face/head will appear and vanish throught the video. Theme will be halloweenish and spooky.
  5. We will provide some munchies and drinks so be ready for an entire night of firey fun!