Andrew Hergenrader aka Androponix


At age fourteen, Androponix got a synthesizer for Christmas. From this point on, he delved into the art of producing music based on a curiosity of how sounds were made. With his computer, he toyed with different VSTs to try and find a program that fit best with his own methodology in creating and recreating sounds. At first, it was just a hobby, an effective coping mechanism which kept his life manageable and meaningful. He realized through recognition from his friends and peers that this pastime could take him places, and he used that feeling to grow and branch out. Producing music makes him stand out, because he is not JUST playing someone else’s music, he’s playing his own; receiving gratification knowing that someone else might be playing his music, too. Having started in music production, he realized that nobody would listen to his music unless he played it live. He has been professionally playing out for five years since then. He feels that DJing is an adventure, and not just in regards to playing music. It’s all about problem solving for him. Sometimes a sudden rainstorm begins at an outside event, and sufficient covering has to be found for the equipment. Rather than this taking away from the experience, these types of mishaps revitalize the drive to play a hardcore set in order to bring the life back to the party. Recognition becomes affirmation, evidence that he is doing the right thing by doing what he loves; which is all the reward needed.